About Us


Hello Guys,

My name is Harsh Harit and I live in Delhi (India), first let me tell you a little about myself.


I started my journey after passing 12th and my interest in this field was seen when I used to watch my brothers doing

workouts, then I started doing workouts but after a limit due to lack of knowledge about nutrition, I did not get any



So I decided that I would first learn about health and nutrition, then start my journey, after passing 12th, I joined

Padma University. In 2017, I completed my BSc Honors in Nutrition and Diet from PDM University (Delhi NCR).


I have been in the fitness industry for 5 years Now I and my team help others achieve their goals. I promise you that

you will never be disappointed.



Our Mission

Welcome to Fit-fact.com! we are a nutritionist and personal trainer from India. Our team Has been in the fitness

industry for 5-7 years. In today’s era, health and wellness is part of our life even lots of are serious about their health.


Many people also started but due to lack of information, they will not be successful in their cause. You will get a lot of

information available on social media which is very helpful but some articles are very confusing where you have

problems to understand.


Our dedicated team give you information which you can understand easily our team didn’t use hard word or

expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. Fit-facts.com team ensures that

the information we publish is accurate, evidence-based, current, and trustworthy.